Colourcoats Returns!

Colourcoats is back!

It has taken longer than we anticipated but Colourcoats has finally returned to the market! Many problems popped up in the process of setting up the business from scratch but we are on our way now. Thank you all for your patience! 
A peek into the office at Sovereign...a few tins of Colourcoats waiting for you...


We have had many emails and can confirm that we are able to ship to mainland UK via Parcelforce. We are also in the process of sending out orders to overseas stockists. who will be listed on our website soon.
Due to the nature of e
namel paints being classed as Dangerous Goods and subject to certain regulations, it is only cost effective to send paint overseas to stockists rather than individuals. We are building a stockists network throughout the world though so do nudge your local model shop if they do not already stock and would like to carry Colourcoats.
We can be contacted at

What's happening?
We attended Perth Model Show at the end of April and had lots of feedback, some great and some things to work on. We have revised our labels in response to this and hope they are now easier to read. 
We have now restocked 17 colours that were missing from the stock we received from the former White Ensign Models including US08 - 5N Navy Blue, US09 - 5B Thayer Blue, RN02 - AP507B Medium Grey, RN03 - AP507C Light Grey, KM04 - Schiffsbodenfarbe III Rot 5 & KM10 - Schnellbootweiss along with some more US Navy, modern navel colours and a few others. We will be out of stock of some other colours for a month or two but please do drop us an email with your requests as we will bump them up the list as demand calls for it.
We are continuously working on our website and have recently added a gallery. If you have a ship, plane or armour model painted in Colourcoats and would like to be featured on our gallery please do drop us an email. We are always looking for "action" shots of Colourcoats!
We recently received this photo from Stan Reffin of his 1/96 scale fully working USS Gambier Bay. It is now a static model, painted all in Colourcoats except for the flight deck area. Thank you Stan for sharing.
Photo by Kind Permission of R Simpson
Our webstore is now open for orders to UK mainland. Stockists in the USA and Germany are being restocked as we speak and we will update these on our stockists page on our website.


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