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Dutch Aircraft Colours - ACD

The earliest form of Dutch air power began in July 1913 - 104 years ago, the Luchtvaartafdeeling or LVA was founded at Soesterberg airfield. The Army Aviation Group did not take part in any action during the First World War and instead focused on developing the forces capabilities. Fast forward to the beginning of WWII and the LVA (now known as Luchtbaartbrigade) operated 176 aircraft during 1939, most of which were shot down during 1940 when Germany invaded The Netherlands. Almost 95% of pilots were lost. 

During 1941 the Royal Netherlands Military Flying-School was re-established in the USA and the ML-KNIL; Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Military Air Service continued in the Netherlands East Indies until the Japanese occupation in 1942. 

Dutch fighter squadrons popped up in Canberra & England during 1942 -1943.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force became an independent part of the armed forces in 1953. 


Colourcoats Dutch Aircraft Colours

We will be re-releasing our Colourcoats ACD range this August! Forming a range of 9 colours that have previously only been available through our Netherlands stockists, we will now be re-producing these for UK & international stockists sales. 

AC D 01 LVA Camouflage Groen (Green-Grey)
AC D 02 LVA Camouflage Bruin (Dark Brown)
AC D 03 LVA Camouflage Beige (Light Sand)
AC D 04 LVA Khaki 
AC D 05 LVA Blauw 
AC D 06 LVA Camouflage KNIL Jongblad 
AC D 07 LVA Camouflage KNIL Oudblad 
AC D 09 KLu Lim. Whisky Four Aquablauw 
AC D 10 KLu Lim. Whisky Four Jungle Green 

Colourcoats ACD will be available to order from September 2017. Please note we are unable to post enamel paint outwith the UK for retail customers. Our international stockists will be able to order these paint now.


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