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News — ANA601

Colourcoats Air Expansion!

ACUS ANA601 ANA605 Camouflage grey Colourcoats Dark Compass Gray Dark Ghost Grey FS27875 FS35237 FS36170 FS36320 Insignia Blue Insignia White Post-War US Aircraft WEM Paint White Ensign Models Paint White Ensign Paints WW2

Colourcoats Air Expansion!

New additions to our Colourcoats Air range to fill gaps in our US aircraft range are available now! All accurately matched to FS/ANA standards.   ACUS36 - FS27875 Insignia White for post war hi-viz era US Navy aircraft:   ACUS37 - ANA601 Insignia White for WW2 "tricolor" scheme undersides:   ACUS38 - FS35237 Gray Blue / Medium Gray used on low-viz schemes and by modern Luftwaffe   ACUS39 - ANA605 Insignia Blue for WW2 era US Navy national markings   ACUS40 - FS36320 Dark Ghost Gray / Dark Compass Gray for modern US Airforce and Navy camouflage schemes   ACUS41 - FS36170...

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