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History, research and development

  • Royal Navy Interwar China Station versus East Indies Station

    It's frequent that the presentation of research findings is branded as "revisionism", or even just labelled as "new information". Sometimes it's no...
  • HMS Hood's colour below the waterline - Anti-Fouling Paint

    Short discussion of HMS Hood's anti-fouling paint colour. What is fact, what is fiction, and how simple statements can be misconstrued if you don't know of other constraints. Just what is the likelihood that HMS Hood's hull was red afterall?
  • References - How to tell the good from the bad

    Developing beyond blindly following kit instructions can seem daunting at first, and enthusiasm to learn can be quickly dampened upon learning that there is a lot of contradictory information out there. How does one tell the good from the bad?
  • Research and Development, FS, RAL, BS

    We ensure to use both the correct colour standards (where applicable) for every colour and as such do not label all colours with Federal Standard FS595, RAL or British Standards unless that is both the correct designation for the colour used in real life and what our paint is matched to. Colour standards are only used for the applicable colour for each nationality/use. Whilst some competitors simply produce whatever modern standard colour is said to be closest to the original, our colours are by contrast matched to the best available research on a case by case basis.
  • Colour Schemes & References

      Model Colour schemes with Colourcoats references for Naval, Aircraft & Armour are linked below, as well as paint equivalents for colours we d...
  • Colourcoats Royal Navy range changes

    Our Royal Navy paint range has been the most researched and developed range within our brand and as such many changes, improvements and amendments...
  • Original Research

    Below you will find original research and reproductions of relevant original documents. Royal Navy Colours of World War Two - The Standard Camoufl...
  • Sovereign Hobbies history

    When Colourcoats arrived at its new home in the North East of Scotland, we had a huge task ahead of us to firstly - unpack and stock check nearly 30,000 14ml tins! The second task came to learn how to run a small business, refine research techniques and decide where we would take Colourcoats from this point on.
  • 75 Years since the Battleship

      Here at Sovereign Hobbies we are model makers first and foremost, and the key to offering the best quality products is researching the subject m...
  • WEM Colourcoats / White Ensign Paint / Colourcoats?

    EDIT: This post seems to be one of our most popular blog posts! Please note this way written back in the beginning and the paint ranges may not ref...
  • Dutch Aircraft Colours - ACD

    The earliest form of Dutch air power began in July 1913 - 104 years ago, the Luchtvaartafdeeling or LVA was founded at Soesterberg airfield. The Ar...
  • Black Friday - 9th February 1945

    Living 72 years since the end of the second world war, there aren't many people left who lived through it, let alone those who fought for the futur...


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