Collection: USS Yorktown CV-5

USS YORKTOWN (CV-5) The new USS Yorktown detail set and wooden deck from Infini Model has arrived! Limited Edition Only!





Measure 12 Camouflage, Coral Sea/Midway

Hull, up to hangar deck level—5-S Sea Blue (US 07);

Hull, from hangar deck level to flight deck level—5-O Ocean Gray (US 06);

Island & superstructure above flight deck level—5-H Haze Gray (US 05);

Flight Deck—Norfolk 350-N Flight Deck Stain (US 27);

External steel decks, flight deck expansion joints, flight deck tie-down strips—20-B Deck Blue (US 10);

Hangar Deck—#20 Standard Deck Gray (US 02);

Hangar bay bulkheads & overheads—5-U White C 03);

Boot-topping—Black (C 02);

Underwater hull—Norfolk 65-A Antifouling Red (US 14)



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