Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Aviation Colour Schemes

Some colour schemes used by the Japanese Army and Naval Air Forces around WWII. These images are indicative and intended to help the customer recognise the colour scheme they wish to model, and therefore help identify the correct paints.

We are extremely grateful to noted author and subject matter expert Nick J Millman for his generosity in sharing information with us and providing technical feedback on legacy products to help us improve our products to what they are today. We strongly recommend spending some time on Nick's site for a vast amount of well researched information in much more detail than we can go to here.


Mitsubishi A6M2 Zeke Zero-Sen colour color paint ash-grey grey-green


IJN Early War Bombers - G4M1 Betty green and brown G3M Nell similar


Nakajima Ki43-I Hayabusa Oscar Imperial Japanese Army IJA mid-war 1943 China #21 Midori Iro


Nakajima built Mitsubishi A6M5 Zeke Zero-Sen IJN Japanese fighter D2 Green Black Ameiro Amber Grey
Ki84 Hayate "Frank" Oryoko Nana Go Shoku


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