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Japanese Navy


Vertical surfaces & steel decks—Kure Grey (IJN 02);

Aircraft deck & some bridge decks—Linoleum (IJN 10);

Wood deck—Deck Tan (IJN 09)*;

Underwater hull—IJN Antifouling Red (IJN 11).

*During the Leyte Gulf action in October 1944, both ships had their wood decks stained black; Yamato’s may still have been that way when sunk. 




If painted according to IJN orders, the light green should be Type 21 Camouflage (IJN 07), while the dark green on the hull should be Type 2 Camouflage (IJN 06). The dark green on the flight deck appears to be Type 1 Camouflage (IJN 05), and the tan would Deck Tan (IJN 09). Topmasts would be Type 22 Camouflage (IJN 08).




Vertical surfaces & steel decks—Sasebo Grey (IJN 01);

Other decks —Linoleum (IJN 10);

Underwater hull—IJN Antifouling Red (IJN 11)




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