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Paint Equivalents

While there are some colours we don't specifically produce, you will find equivalents among the Colourcoats range:
Naval Colours
JMSDF Grey – use US28 Neutral #27 Haze Gray.
JMSDF Deck Grey – use US31 Neutral #17 Ocean Gray.
Modern German Navy Grey – use ACRN04 Medium Sea Grey.
Modern German Deck Grey – use ACRN02 Extra Dark Sea Grey.
Grey Semtex – use M16 Modern RN Deck Grey, Light.
Tan Semtex – use ARI01 Israeli Sand Grey.
Based on Alan Raven's descriptions, we've already got paints available that will work for the British merchant ship greys used in WW2--Merchant Ship Standard (MSS) and Merchant Ship Dark (MSD) in the form of our late-war USN neutral greys. For MSS use US31 #17 Neutral Ocean Grey--just a bit lighter than AP 507B Admiralty Medium Grey; for MSD use US35 #7 Neutral Navy Grey--about the same tonal value as AP 507A Admiralty Dark Grey. Light MSS was a neutral grey of 40% reflectance, therefore use US33 #37 Light Gray.
Aircraft Colours

Engine Gray FS 36076 – use M05 Modern USN Flight Deck Gray.
FS x4159 Light Slate Gray – use ACRN05 Light Slate Grey (BS 639).
Royal Air Force
BS 626 Camouflage Grey – use M03 Modern USN Haze Gray.
Coastal Command Dark Sea Green - use ACS17 4BO Army Green.
Coastal Command Extra Dark Sea Green - use ARIT05 Grigio Verde Scuro.
US Army Air Corps
NIVO - use ACJ01 IJNAF Black-Green.
Khaki (P.C.10) - use AROZ01 Modern Australian Olive Drab.
Dark Gray (4. x .2) - use ACS12 AMT-12 Dark Grey.
Beige (French) - use ARG03 Afrika Corps Tan Yellow (RAL 8020).
Light Yellow (French) - use ACSM10 Sand.
Rust Brown 34 - use ACF06 Ombree Calcinee.
Light Olive Drab 35 - use ARG06 Khakibraun (RAL 7008).
Black 44 - use C02 Matt Black.
Light Blue 27 - use RN21 B.30 Medium Blue-Green.
Insignia White 46 use C03 Matt White.
Sea Green 28 - use ACJ05 Nakajima Army Green.
Dark Green 30 - use ACJ01 IJNAF Black-Green.
Dark Olive Drab 31 - use ACLW01 Dunkelgrun (RLM 83).
Cream 1 - use ACS15 AII Light Brown.
Insignia Blue 47 - use ACRN19 RAF Blue-Grey (BS 633).
Identification Yellow 48 - use ACRA03 Giallo Mimetico 3.
Maroon (A – N) - use KM04 Schiffsbodenfarbe III Rot 5.
Neutral Gray 33 - use ACS10 AMT-1 Dark Grey.
Maroon 18 - use M06 Modern USN Antifouling Red.
Doped Linen - use ARG01 Elefenbein Interior Ivory.


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