Paint Formulae

There are some colours that, while important, just can't be justified for production. For those, see below:

Cavite Blue

A homebrew colour worn by the ships of the U.S. Asiatic Fleet in the early days of WW2, as an equivalent for Measure 1 camouflage when the Fleet could not obtain 5-D Dark Gray:: Mix 20 parts Colourcoats US 08 5-N Navy Blue to 3 parts Colourcoats US 27 Norfolk 250-N Flight Deck Stain.

Chicago Blue

Worn by RAN ships beginning in mid-1942: Mix RN 16 B.20 plus a bit of blue, or US 27 Norfolk 250-N Flight Deck Stain lightened a bit with light grey.

PB 10

A deep blue worn by RN submarines operating in the Med: Mix equal parts of ACRN 32 Oxford Blue and US 27 Norfolk 250-N Flight Deck Stain.

Norfolk 251-N Stain

Used for USN flight deck markings in conjunction with Norfolk 250-N Flight Deck Stain: to a full tin of US 09 add 10 drops US 03.


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