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(PE 35068) WEM 1/350 USS Nimitz *Late Fit Parts Only for the whole class* - Sovereign Hobbies

White Ensign Models

(PE 35068) WEM 1/350 USS Nimitz *Late Fit Parts Only for the whole class*



WEM 1/350 USS Nimitz *Late Fit Parts Only for the whole class* (PE 35068)

Contains all additional parts for post 1975 refits of all ships in the class, including bridge nameplates . ADDITIONAL PARTS ONLY - Does not include all the parts for the out of the box fit. PICTURE

Contains: Foremast Lower Port Antenna Platform, Height Finder Antenna Platform, Port Catwalk Platform, Starboard Angle ECM Antenna, Platform, Island Starboard SLQ 17 Platform, Nimitz Radar Mast Top Platform Doubler (New), Nimitz Radar Mast Top Platform (New), Top Platform Support Struts, Catwalk Supports Type 1, Catwalk Supports Type 2, Catwalk Supports Type 3, Catwalk Supports Type 4, Catwalk Supports Type 5, Waffle Pattern Doors and Backs, Catwalk Split Level Steps, Catwalk Reinforced Pattern Railings, Port Forward Catwalk Decking, Catwalk Deck Between #1 & #2 Elevators, Starboard Deck Catwalk Forward of #1 Elevator, Catwalk Deck Between #2 & #3 Elevators, USS George Washington Nameplates, USS Abraham Lincoln Nameplates, USS Theodore Roosevelt Nameplates, Starboard Angle Catwalk Deck, Starboard Forward Catwalk Deck, Port Side Catwalk Deck, Island Aft Inboard Antenna Platform E42, Island Aft Inboard Antenna Platform E41, Stern Dock Upper Catwalk, Stern Dock Access Platform, Stern Dock Access Platform Steps, Stern Dock Framework, Stern Dock Lower Platform, Catwalk C11 Replacement, Deck Hatches Catapult Control Positions, Large Ordnance Overboard Jettison Ramp, Jettison Ramp Supports & Catwalk Railings, Catwalk Modification Section, Island Aft Antenna Platform Top (Nimitz New), Island Aft Antenna Platform Bottom (Nimitz New), Starboard Aft, Rear Catwalk Deck, Port Aft, Forward Catwalk Deck, Port Aft, Rear Catwalk Split Level Deck, Starboard Aft, Forward Catwalk Deck, Port Side Angle Forward Catwalk Platform, USS Harry S. Truman Nameplates, USS John C. Stennis Nameplates, Radar Mast (Vinson, Roosevelt & Lincoln), Waveguide Track, Outboard Sea Sparrow Director Platform, Small Platform Supports, Director Platform Supports, Closed Section Top Plate, Inboard Sea Sparrow Director Platform, Sea Sparrow Director Platform Bulwark, Waveguide Angle Conduit, Approach Radar Platform Supports, Approach Radar Platform, Approach Radar Platform Railing, Waveguide Conduit, Access Platforms, Outboard Director Platform Railings, Director Platform Supports, Medium Platform Supports, Radar Mast (Washington, Stennis & Truman), Approach Radar Platform, Approach Radar Platform Supports, Approach Radar Platform Railings, Director Platform Bulwark (Type 2), ECM Antenna Platform, Closed Section Top Plate, Small Access Platform, Radar Mast (Eisenhower Late), Waveguide Conduit, Radar Mast (Nimitz New), Radome Platform, Waveguide Conduit Angle, Top Corner Access Platform, Approach Radar Platform Railing, Approach Radar Platform, Approach Radar Platform Supports, Mast Top Angle Vent Exhaust, Mast lower Access Platform, Mast Upper Access Platforms, Pole Antenna Supports, Pole Antennas, Bow Safety Net (Late Fit), Port Angle Forward Safety Net (Late Fit), Port Bow Safety Net (Intermediate Fit), Starboard Bow Safety Net (Intermediate Fit), SPS 67 Radar Antenna Platform, USS Carl Vinson Nameplates, SPS 10 Radar Antenna Platform (Late Fit), Foremast Upper Yardarm Platform.

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