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(PE 35120) WEM 1/350 HMS Repulse - Sovereign Hobbies

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(PE 35120) WEM 1/350 HMS Repulse


WEM 1/350 HMS Repulse (PE 35120)

Designed for the Trumpeter kit. Two sheets of brass in two thicknesses with extensive relief etching for realism. 

Fret 1 Contains: Railing Section (Midships Forward), Railing Section (Mainmast Base), Railing Section ( Plotting Office Roof), Railing Section (Maintopmast Platfrom), Railing Section (Shelter Deck Forward), Railing Section (Foc’s’le), Railing Section (Quarterdeck), Railing Section (Catapult Forward), Railing Section (Mainmast Gaff Platform), Foremast Tripod Lookout Platforms, 15” Gun Barrel Tompions, Railing Section (Stern), Railing Section (Aft Shelter Deck), Railing Section (Aft Shelter Deck), Railing Section (Aft Gun House Decks), Railing Section (4” Director Platform), Ship’s Name Plates, Railing Section (Flying Deck), Railing Section (Catapult Aft), Maintopmast DF Antenna, Foremast Yardarm Footropes, Railing Section (Shelter Deck Mid Starboard), Railing Section (Shelter Deck Mid Port), Railing Section (Conning Tower Deck Forward), Railing Section (Conning Tower Deck), Railing Section (Flag/Signal Deck), Railing Section (Starfish Platform DF Office Roof), Railing Section (Port Aft Gun Deck, Late Fit), Railing Section (Lower Bridge), Railing Section (Mainmast AA Platform), Railing Section (Upper Bridge), Signal Lamp Platforms, Signal Lamp Platform Supports, Railing Section (Signal Deck Forward), Boat Cradles (Large Outboard), Boat Cradles (30’ Gig), Railing Section (Conning Tower Deck), Railing Section (15” Director Platform), Railing Section (Mainmast Starfish Platform), Railing Section (Boat Deck Forward), Railing Section (Boat Deck Aft), Boat Cradles (16’ Dinghy), Boat Cradles (Large Centre), Boat Cradles (32’ Cutter), Boat Cradles (27’ Whaler), Stock Sections of Handrails, Sea Boat Scramble Nets, Boat Cradles (Starboard Engine Room Vent Box), Boat Cradles (Port Engine Room Vent Box), Walrus Amphibian Parts, Searchlight Lens Crosses, Railing Section (Searchlight Platform Open), Railing Section (Searchlight Platform Canvas-Covered); 

Fret 2 Contains: Engine Room Vent Box (Port), Engine Room Vent Box (Starboard), Crane Machinery House, Crane Base, Crane Hook, Crane Jib, Pom-Pom Mounting Railings, 0.5” Machine Gun Parts, 4” Gun Mounting Mechanism, 2-Pdr Pom-Pom Mechanism, Crane Outer Rigging, 4” Gun Layers’ Seats, 4” Gun Sights, Single 20mm Oerlikons, Aft HACS Support Stays, Crane Jib Stowage Supports, Main Director Rangefinder Supports, Upper 284 Gunnery Radar Antenna, Lower 284 Gunnery Radar Antenna, Flying Deck House Extension Strip, Short Accommodation Ladder Rails, Accommodation Ladder Davits, Short Accommodation Ladder Steps, Starboard Aft Gun House Modification, Maintopmast Platform Fore & Aft Supports, Maintopmast Platform Side Supports, Maintopmast Platform, Walrus Amphibian Catapult Launch Cradles, Funnel Cap Grilles, Mainmast Starfish Assembly, Mainmast Starfish Platform Doubler, Long Accommodation Ladder Steps, Long Accommodation Ladder Rails, Accommodation Ladder Davits, Bridge Window Frames, Spotting Top Side Walls & Windows, Hangar Doors, Catapult Bridges, Ship’s Crest, Spotting Top Yardarms & ECM Antenna, Crane Inner Rigging, 42’ Fast Motor Boat Parts, 45’ Motor Launch Parts, 45’ Motor Launch Thwarts, 42’ Sailing Launch Thwarts, 32’ Cutter Thwarts,  Semaphores, 16’ Sailing Dinghy Thwarts, Small Boat Oars, 35’ Motor Boat Cabin Coachwork, Inclined Ladder E45, Inclined Ladders H9, Inclined Ladders H2, Aft Officers’ Steps, Inclined Ladder E48, Inclined Ladders H3, Inclined Ladders H3, Inclined Ladders H4, Signal Lamps (Large), Signal Lamps (Small), Anchor Chain Blake Stoppers, Anchor Chain, 27’ Whaler Thwarts, Large Boat Oars, Vertical Ladder Stock, Foretop Antenna and Yard, Paravane Parts, 30’ Gig Thwarts, Hawse Pipe Cover Grilles.

Paint and thinners classify as flammable liquid and can only be sent via our specialised contract to Mainland Great Britian as they are dangerous goods. The cost of this is rather high per parcel so we have a minimum paint/thinners order of 6 tins/bottles to allow us to reduce the postage cost to our customers.  
The minimum order is 6 tins of paint or bottles of thinners or a combination of both. 1 bottle of thinners counts as 1 tin. The paint can be a combination of any colour and tins within coloursets count as individual tins.  If you require any help with this please contact us.
We can send out orders of less than 6 tins/bottles but they incur the full postage charge of £13 per shipment. Please contact us if you wish to order less than the minimum. 

Parcelforce48 (for paint & thinners) 6 tin minimum - £6.50.

Parcelforce48 (for paint & thinners) 12 tin minimum - £4.50.

Parcelforce48 (for paint & thinners) £75 total order spend - FREE

All other products are sent via Royal Mail 1st class or Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed. All costs are automatically calculated during checkout before any payment is taken. For a guide price see below.

Royal Mail 1st class (UK) costs start at £1.50 up to £9.50 depending on the size and weight of the total order.

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We offer free interntional postage for orders over £150.


Under EU law a consumer is entitled to cancel a distance sales contract without notice up to 14 days after delivery. We as Sovereign Hobbies Ltd are obligated to refund the full value of the goods paid by you, plus the basic rate of postage available to you for that product to your address at the time of order. Customers cancelling however are obligated to return the goods to us in as-new condition at your expense. With specific reference to paint order cancellations, this means you are required to return flammable liquids to us via the post, which may be greatly simplified by asking us to arrange collection for you under our dangerous goods handling contract. You are entitled to use any carrier you wish, but point out that it is illegal to fail to disclose the Class III Flammable Liquids nature of the contents of the return package in order to have the package accepted by a courier under their normal services. Please note that the true cost of the Parcelforce 48hr service paid for by Sovereign Hobbies Ltd is circa £13, not the £6.50 that we charge using a minimum order platform to offset postage. Returns will be charged at the true cost if you use us to arrange collection.

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