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(PE 35036) WEM 1/350 USS Essex - Sovereign Hobbies

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(PE 35036) WEM 1/350 USS Essex




WEM 1/350 USS Essex (PE 35036). Designed for the Trumpeter kit. 3 Frets, relief etched in 2 thicknesses for added realism. 

Fret 1 contains standard 3 bar and 2 bar railings, 3 bar chain railings,2 bar close stanchioned railing, flight deck centre elevator edge railings, deck edge folding wire antenna masts, antenna mast wire spreaders, single 5" 38 gun mounting details, stock vertical ladder, whale boat cradle, funnel mounted ECM sensor lattice (late fit), whale boat rudder, tripod mast side frames and rails (early fit), SC/SK radar mast platform, funnel mounted tall radar mast, tripod mast top pole bracing and SG platform, crane hooks, fuel hose reels, LSO/batman platform, short and large tripod mast platforms, funnel mounted reproducer boxes, tripod mast braces and mid platforms assembly, LSO/batman's canvas screens, fire hose points, flight deck crash barrier arms, funnel mounted SC/SK radar platform (short mast), two styles of reproducer boxes, tripod mast large platform supports, tripod mast short platform supports (early and late), siren platform, funnel mounted tall radar mast platform, funnel tall radar mast platform support frame, funnel mounted reproducer box platform, funnel cap grills, arrester wire sheaves, watertight doors with view ports, life rings, anchor cable, whale boat platform access ladder, funnel pole mast yard arm and footropes, tripod mast yard arm assembly, side elevator vertical support frames, side elevator underside fixed section braces, side elevator underside folding section braces, port and starboard accommodation ladders, catwalk to flight deck access ladders, standard and long section inclined ladders, watertight doors.

Fret 2 contains forward and aft antenna mast screens, two styles of radar intercept antennas, side elevator safety nets and braces, floater baskets, funnel mounted TDY antenna platform, SG radar antennas, tripod mast top pole YE antenna, SP, SK, SM and SR radar antenna assemblies, Mk 51 director details, SK2 radar antenna assembly, TDY antennas and poles, late YE antenna platform, funnel port side SK antenna platform and support, SC2 radar antenna assembly, fire control IFF antennas, Mk22 height finder antenna, Mk4/Mk12 fire control antenna, forward and aft LSO/batman jump nets.

Fret 3 contains single 20mm oerlikon assembly, 40mm quad bofors details and twin 20mm oerlikon assembly.

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