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  • Scottish National Model Show 2024

    Scottish National Model Show 27th-28th April 2024, Perth, Scotland.   With the Scottish National Model Show drawing close...
  • The Truth About Early WWII RN Dazzle Schemes

    By now it's fairly well known that by 1943 the Royal Navy had settled on shades of grey and blue-greys as their favoured palette to most effectivel...
  • PB10 Paint for late WWII Royal Navy Submarines

    I've been working for a while now to create an accurate (well, very, very close to accurate) PB10 model paint for Royal Navy late WWII submarines such as the Improved S class and T class boats. This has been a real challenge for me as the real PB10 was made exclusively from white and ultramarine blue pigments yet ultramarine as a pigment has some long term stability issues and as such it's not generally available as an opacity-assured commercial colourant suitable for use in repeatable model paint manufacture.
    It's taken a ridiculous amount of time, and it's not absolutely bang on the dot, but it's very close and much closer to real PB10 than anything else on the market claiming to be PB10. I'm quite happy with this.
  • 2023 Closures

    Our webstore is always open however we do take shipping breaks. Any planned shipping breaks will be listed below to help you in your planning and s...
  • 2023 Update

    2023 is bringing new and exciting changes to Sovereign Hobbies and we are excited to introduce the first few changes!   Ship Decals As you may have...
  • Christmas & New Year 2022

    We wish all our customers a joyful and restful festive break and thank you for your continued loyalty over the years. 2023 will be bringing some ex...
  • Colourcoats and Model Paint Conversion Apps

    We have become aware that Colourcoats model paint products are included on at least two model paint conversion or comparison applications used on s...
  • Business Update May 2022

    Business update, discontinued paint ranges, building the future of Colourcoats
  • Effects of Inflation - Everyone's Favourite Subject!

    We definitely didn't appreciate the effects of geopolitical and socio-economic events on running a small business back in 2014 when we jumped into ...
  • Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime (MEKO) and Your Health

    On 1st March 2022 it became unlawful to sell paint products with more than 0.1% concentration of Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime (abbreviated to MEKO in industry) in it to the general public. Colourcoats enamel model paint is not affected by this change. Our formulation is compliant with the latest regulations.

  • Scot Nats - 14th/15th May 2022

    What's that...a model person!! Yes! All things going well, we will be at the Scottish National model show on the 14th and 15th May 2022 a...
  • Postage Update

    We regret that due to ongoing increasing costs with our courier contract, postage has been updated as per the following. UPS Standard Under 12 tins...


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