Luftwaffe Colour Schemes

Some colour schemes used by the German Luftwaffe. These images are indicative and intended to help the customer recognise the colour scheme they wish to model, and therefore help identify the correct paints.

Luftwaffe early war day fighters RLM65, RLM71 and RLM02


Luftwaffe bomber scheme RLM65 RLM70 RLM71





Luftwaffe early desert scheme - RLM78, RLM79 (lighter variant) and RLM80 mottling


Mid-late war Luftwaffe day fighter scheme RLM74 RLM75 RLM76


Luftwaffe late war RLM74 and RLM82 over RLM76


Luftwaffe late war fighters RLM76 RLM81 RLM82


Postwar Schemes (West Germany)

Luftwaffe NORM72 - RAL6014 RAL7012 RAL9006 RAL2005


Luftwaffe F-4 Phantom NORM76 RAL6014 RAL7012 RAL9005 RAL7001



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