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RN to NARN Range.

Colours which have simply been renumbered without a shade change are:

RN28 became NARN20

RN01 became NARN23

RN02 became NARN24

RN03 was discontinued as an incorrect shade, superseded by NARN22

RN18 became NARN25

RN04 became NARN28

RN07 (as revised from Snyder & Short medium blue-grey to blue by Sovereign Hobbies in 2017) became NARN33

RN09 became NARN39

RN19 became NARN42

RN24 became NARN44

RN27 became NARN45

RN26 became NARN46, but was later discontinued as irrelevant

All other NARNxx colours are new products, whether altered slightly or significantly from the similarly labelled product from the discontinued RNxx range.



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