Paint & Painting

  • Masking for Neater Painting

    There are no wrong ways to do things in model making, but there are definitely some ways which are better than others for most people most of the time!

    If you've been making models for a while but envy the neatness that some can display, then the following tips on masking techniques may be of interest, since untidy painting can be one of the biggest detractors in terms of visual appeal or, to put a positive spin on it, neat painting can greatly improve how the model looks.

  • The human touch - Colourcoats manufacturing

    Colourcoats paint is all manufactured in the UK. That means every tin you buy is supporting a UK based business. Colourcoats paint is produced in s...
  • Spraying Colourcoats paint

    A guide to spraying Colourcoats paint
  • Introduction to using an Airbrush

    A basic introduction to airbrushing
  • References

    A list of historical references, books we recommend and detailed information for the accuracy buffs and learners alike. This will be added to over time.




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