Royal Navy "Periodic Table of Paints"

The Royal Navy's 20th and 21st century paints in Colourcoats.

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We do not currently make a Royal Navy Anti-Fouling Grey, Brown or Green, and the reason for that is that it is not presently known exactly what shade those actually were! For Anti-Fouling Grey, as used on HMS Hood as well as many other contemporary warships, we have speculatively suggested our US04 as a possible approximation based upon study of what B&W photographs exist of the ship out of water and some guidance from contemporary builders' models on display in various maritime museums which may or may not be fair representations of Anti-Fouling Grey. We know for sure HMS Hood at least had a grey underside for almost all of her 20+ year career, but we can take no responsibility for incorrect shade of grey used on models if new information comes to light.




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