Armour Colour Schemes


There has been lots of interest regarding this colour, and specifically its use as a base colour on Tiger tanks. Here's what we can tell you. There were apparently two slightly different versions of the colour. The problem in matching them is that the standard upon which they were based--RAL--changed after WW2 and the current RAL standard colours differ from their wartime predecessors. Therefore, any colour callout for WW2 colours based on the current RAL colours is almost certainly incorrect. Compounding the problem is the almost complete lack of extant wartime RAL colour cards. So, with that in mind, here's what we can say. The early version, which some have dubbed "Dunkelgelb I" and which was purportedly matched to RAL 7028 came into use as the Wehrmacht's standard base colour in February 1943. Colourcoats ARG 02 is a virtual match to the early Dunkelgelb. The later version, dubbed "Dunkelgelb II" and with an RAL standard listed by some as 7028/1 (suspect, because RAL never listed their colours in that manner) came into use as the standard base colour from October 1944. Colourcoats ARG 11 is the match for this colour, and is based on a series of colour matches made by Steve Zaloga on Wehrmacht machines in the armour collection at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in the U.S. So, depending on the time period you are depicting on your German armour--Tiger or otherwise--you can select the proper Dunkelgelb base colour.



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