Collection: Colourcoats Model Paint

Colourcoats is an enamel based model paint created by modellers for the scale modeller with accurate representations of colours used by worldwide naval, air and land forces. Our range covers military subjects from the early 20th century up to modern day with a heavy focus on WWII.

Our range is based on primary sourced information where available or expert consultation where not, and we reserve the right to make continuous improvements when new and more accurate information comes to light. In short - we may change the appearance of some paints so ensure you have enough for a particular model when you start!

Colourcoats paint like all paints are suspensions of solid pigments in a binder liquid, and are either a matt or satin finish (the finish is detailed on each listing). This also means Colourcoats is very quick drying. It can be sprayed with a suitable airbrush or brush painted.

The recommended thinner is Colourcoats Thinners, a specially formulated naptha based enamel thinner which combines the drying times of cellulose thinners but with far less odour than either either cellulose or white spirit/ turpentine type household thinners, very good paint adhesion without softening plastic and is fully compatible with Colourcoats paint long term. Household thinners will work after a fashion, but are the worst performing thinner with excessively long drying times and objectionable odours.

The full range is available below with filters to the left. Alternatively, the drop-down menus above provide other categories.

Enamel paints are flammable liquids and like all flammable liquids are subject to legal restrictions in terms of postage. We don't make those rules, but we have to stick to them. Currently we can only send to mainland Great Britain (i.e. not across any water) but we do have a small dealer network covering other areas. See here for information on postage.



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