Colourcoats Air Expansion!

New additions to our Colourcoats Air range to fill gaps in our US aircraft range are available now! All accurately matched to FS/ANA standards.


ACUS36 - FS27875 Insignia White for post war hi-viz era US Navy aircraft:


ACUS37 - ANA601 Insignia White for WW2 "tricolor" scheme undersides:


ACUS38 - FS35237 Gray Blue / Medium Gray used on low-viz schemes and by modern Luftwaffe


ACUS39 - ANA605 Insignia Blue for WW2 era US Navy national markings


ACUS40 - FS36320 Dark Ghost Gray / Dark Compass Gray for modern US Airforce and Navy camouflage schemes


ACUS41 - FS36170 Camouflage Gray for modern US Airforce including F-35.





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