New releases from Colourcoats

Colourcoats are pleased to introduce two new colours to our range. You may have already seen them listed or even bought them but we thought we would introduce them properly.


RN27 - AP631 Bronze Grey 


RN27 is a new Royal Navy colour to our Colourcoats Sea range. It forms part of our enamel paint range in a matt finish.

AP631 Bronze Grey was prescribed for use on Royal Navy aircraft carrier flight decks from 1933 until a wide range of non-slip deck paints became available in mid-1941. With no known original samples in existance, this new colour was recreated making a new batch of oil paint from from the base pigments, oils and drying agents according to the original instructions laid out in the 1933 and 1937 editions of the Rate Book of Naval Stores, as the ship yards and crew would have done at the time. We then measured and faithfully recreated the colour in our top quality enamel model paint. 

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ACRN34 - WW2 Azure Blue 

ACRN34 is a new addition to our Colourcoats Air range. It comes in our usual top quality enamel paint with a satin finish. This colour is matched to the colour chips endorsed by the RAF Museum at Hendon within the book "British Aviation Colours of World War Two - The Official Camouflage, Colours and Markings of RAF Aircraft, 1939-1945" published by Arms and Armour Press ISBN 0-85368-271-2. This book is regarded as the reference for wartime British aircraft colours.

Azure Blue was typically used on Royal Air Force aircraft stationed in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations, usually with Dark Earth (ACRN10) and Middle Stone (ACRN11) upper surfaces.

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