Royal Navy Camouflage - C.B.3098(R) 1943 Edition - THE CAMOUFLAGE OF SHIPS AT SEA - Sovereign Hobbies
Royal Navy Camouflage - C.B.3098(R) 1943 Edition - THE CAMOUFLAGE OF SHIPS AT SEA - Sovereign Hobbies

Royal Navy Camouflage - C.B.3098(R) 1943 Edition - THE CAMOUFLAGE OF SHIPS AT SEA PDF

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A PDF full-colour facsimile copy of the May 1943 Confidential Book 3098 entitled "THE CAMOUFLAGE OF SHIPS AT SEA".

This publication consolidated earlier documents including Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order 679/42 and 1112/42 and described in great detail the principles of sea-going camouflage both theoretically and practically. Numerous sections lay out the appropriate schemes to use for different stations depending on the main perceived threat, the colours to be used generally and for specific details such as pendant numbers, masts and crow's nests and so on. CB3098 was released within a month of Admiralty Fleet Order 2106/43 which replaced all previous camouflage paints with the new simplified G&B series. As part of this simplification, CB3098 came with scores of full-colour illustrations of standardised camouflage designs for destroyers and smaller vessels. These drawings are all reproduced here in this facsimile using the latest research on the true appearance of Royal Navy paint colours.

The document is 114 pages long with 48 pages of text and the remainder full-colour illustrations of standardised camouflage designs.

This document superseded:

- CAFO 679/42 and CAFO 2146/42

This document was superseded by:

- CB3098 1945 edition

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